Healthcare Team

Healthcare Assistants (including Phlebotomy)

Healthcare assistants are non-registered nursing staff who assist in patient care and practice related duties as directed by and under the supervision of a registered healthcare professional (including lead practice nurse, practice manager and GPs). healthcare assistants work collaboratively with the general practice team to meet the needs of patients, and provide essential task-orientated services like taking blood samples (phlebotomy), processing specimens, performing ECGs (to measure heart function) and spirometry (to measure lung function). They play a crucial role in supporting the clinical team.

Healthcare Assistants

Christine Weston


Jane Rojas

Clinical Pharmacist

Munan Al-Jobarah

We are supported by locality pharmacists who take a ‘crucial role’ in general practice; most GP surgeries now have access to a pharmacist or a pharmacy technician with advanced clinical skills.

Pharmacists with advanced clinical skills and pharmacy technicians in GP practices will improve pharmaceutical care and contribute to the multidisciplinary team.

The pharmacy team will provide the focus, resources and tools to support the safer use of medicines. They will improve the pharmaceutical care of residents in care homes and people being cared for in their own homes, as well as enhancing access to pharmaceutical care in remote and rural communities.

Our pharmacist may contact you to discuss and advise you on your medication.