Training Practice

We are a keen teaching practice and believe it offers benefits to both the practice and patients. For us as a practice it is enjoyable to share our enthusiasm for general practice with keen young doctors. Medicine is a constantly evolving subject and answering the questions of our students keeps us on our toes and helps us to question the way we do things. We also learn a great amount from our students.

For our patients, being a teaching practice means that you can be sure that the practice has been rigorously assessed to be a good teaching environment, in short that we are worth learning from. Our students watch and question us every step of the way, and we are annually inspected to ensure that the medicine we practice is of the highest standard.

We will always let you know if there is a student with your doctor with a notice in the waiting room, and we will always ask your permission before we start. If for whatever reason you feel you would prefer to see the doctor on your own, please do not hesitate to say so. It really is entirely your choice and will not affect your consultation or relationship with the practice in any way. We are simply grateful when you feel you can help with the job of teaching the next generation of doctors.